Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kim Moh Beef Noodles

Hidden inside Laguna Park (Blk 5000F Marine Parade Rd #01-22/23), is this Hainanese restaurant, also serving beef noodles only at lunchtime.
Their renowned noodle is very good. It comes with a sharp chilly sauce and side soup. The beef is quite tender and the gravy mild and balanced, but tasty. Ideal for a light lunch.

The "shredded chicken with sesame" looked rather different from what I expected. It wasn't shredded (it came in cubes) and it wasn't particularly sesamy. The chicken pieces were dry although the gravy was quite nice. An OK dish, but nothing spectacular.

The stir fried spinach was overcooked and too loaded with garlic and even then not all that tasty. A bit of a disappointment overall.

In summary if you happen to be in the area at lunchtime this place is worth a visit to try their noodles, but I wasn't particularly impressed by the rest of the dishes I tried.

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