Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have been eating regularly at Wahiro for the past two years. This restaurant is well hidden inside Katong Mall, and it's one of those restaurants that don't particularly attract you from their exterior, but won't leave you disappointed once you walk in and appreciate the cozy atmosphere and the quality of the food.

Sushi is highly recommended at Wahiro. I find that the quality of their sushi is consistent and really good value for money. It is in fact at the same level of other very expensive establishments, without hurting your wallet as much. The fish selection is usually quite limited, but what they have is not only fresh, it's also well selected. It's always worth having a chat with the Sushi Chef to find out what's the fish of the day and what he recommends. Sometimes they have new delicacies that you might not have had the opportunity to try elsewhere. I do not recommend having the sushi moriawase. It won't give you a good indication of the quality of the sushi, as they won't be made in the same way as the a-la-carte sushi. The fish slice is smaller, and the cut from a cheaper part. If you want the best, order a-la-carte, and if you would like to try something new, you could also ask for the special: tiny tasty decorations placed on each sushi slice. Yuzu skin (Japanese lime), katzuobushi (dried fish flakes), Sakura (cherry blossom) or other decorations can add interesting tones to the firm texture of your sushi.

I ordered a whole "sanma" from the sushi counter. As in the best Japanese tradition, no part of your fish or seafood is thrown away. Some of it was served as sashimi (with fresh ginger and spring onion), some of it as sushi, while the rest was grilled. The spine was served deep fried.
The same applies to the scallop that was served with my sushi. the "spare parts" of the scallop that were pulled out of the shell, were nicely served in punzu sauce.

Buta Kakuni was pretty good, although I usually prefer it when some Daikon served is with it. The meat was tasty, tender and juicy.

Kushiyaki is quite good at Wahiro. Besides the standard types of kushiyaki, they have a couple of interesting combinations. My favourite is "mochi buta bara maki" (pork belly rolled around rice cake / top-left). I love the crispiness of the bacon and the cheesy chewish texture of the rice cake within it. I also like "tori ume" (chicken with plum sauce) and "tori mentaiko" (chicken with cod roe / bottom-right).

Finally, a Yuzu sorbet will help clear-up your mouth with it's tangy flavour. It's rich in bits and pulp of real Yuzu!
Wahiro is one of those restaurants that perhaps don't offer the trendiest atmosphere, but focus more on authenticity and quality of food. They also have a menu tasting "Wahiro" course that looks interesting, although I have only tried 3 of the dishes that come with it. The set lunch is a real bargain. For only $15 dollars you are served a full 4 course lunch including soup, sushi, appetiser, side dish and fruit. Although all the above is recommended, I have not had a bad dish at Wahiro, and was never disappointed.

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