Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yet Con

Yet Con is an old school restaurant located in Purvis street. The deco is as old style as the service, which is what you would expect at a place of this sort.
None of the dishes I had was a disappointment and prices are reasonable, apart from the vegetables ($10 per plate). Both chicken rice and beef hor fun come recommended.

The steamed chicken is nice and chunky, lean and juicy. I particularly like the distinct flavour of their chilly sauce, which can be mixed with ginger served on the side.

The roast pork is rather interesting. It's served in a slightly sweet sauce on a bed of pickles. The pork is very crispy and dried to the right point, and it combines well with the crunchy pickles and rice. However, some might find the sweet sauce unusual, so if you prefer it dry and simple let the waiter know.

The beef hor fun are probably the best I had so far. I found them better than the stall in Geylang. More "care" is put into them, more attention to detail. The vegetables, the mild sauce and the beef combine into a gentler taste while maintaining that original "rough" food stall feeling.

The kailan are quite expensive when compared to the rest of the food. They are nothing remarkable, but fresh and juicy.

Overall, Yet Con is worth it. If you like Purvis Street with its "old Singapore" colonial feeling, Yet Con will deliver food to match.

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