Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tom Ton

This restaurant is now CLOSED
This is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. It is a place where they care for what they do, and they can do it well. Their main focus is pork dishes - Kurobuta in particular. Tonkatzu, Butajiru (pork soup), Shabu Shabu, and Kurobuta soba with Yuzu. This last dish is what this particular visit is all about.

Starting from the Chu-toro sashimi. Absolutely fantastic both in freshness and distribution of fat, but not cheap (priced at $40 for 5 slices). I would have preferred thicker slices, as this thickness leaves me slightly unsatisfied for my $8 dollar per slice worth.

The Mizuna Salad can't get any better. It comes in a few varieties, with dry prawns (pictured), soft tofu or salmon sashimi. The Mizuna is fresh and crunchy, well balanced in condiment and ingredients.

Now we get to the masterpiece: zaru-soba accompanied with kurobuta soup and Yuzu. Probably my favourite way of having soba. This Yuzu is superb. It adds that spicy tanginess to the soup, making it tasty and sharp. The soba is of high quality, very well cooked, spread evenly and "al dente", just the way Italians like noodles to be. The kurobuta pork is thinly sliced and there's plenty of it to accompany your soba. The sharpness of the soup guarantees that you won't taste the 'greasy' part of the fat. You will just feel the softness of it, while it dissolves in your mouth.
I give this dish a 10. Some might rate it less than that, as the soup is only tepid. This is intentional as it preserves the delicate flavours, but probably not appreciated by those who expect a very hot soup, so beware.

I never walk out dissatisfied when visiting Tom Ton. Their love for food can be seen and tasted.

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