Monday, November 17, 2008

Hiang Ji - Char Siu

This place is now CLOSED
Hidden behind the stairways of a pedestrian overpass is this Katong coffee shop that serves amazing Char Siu rice for only $3. Specialised in meats, their Char Siu, pig's trotter, duck and chicken are the recommended choice.

The coffee shop itself is actually very spacious, with some large round tables and air conditioning, and some smaller tables outside.

The Char Siu is absolutely amazing. Sweet, tender and juicy, it melts in your mouth.

The chicken rice perfectly accompanies all their meat dishes and it's fragrant, firm and moist.

The preserved vegetables ($1/$2) are the perfect match for Pig's trotter and rice.

The pig's trotter is very strong in flavour and very lean once you discard the skin. It comes with juicy peanuts cooked in its own sauce.

The menu is primarily focused on meats and vegetables, apart from the curry fish head. Portions are large and very reasonably priced. Their 'Soy Sauce Chicken' is served with ginger sauce as well as the usual chilly sauce.
If you live in Katong you should definitely try this place.

Hiang Ji Roasted Meat & Noddle House
57 East Coast Rd Singapore 428773 (opposite Roxy Square)
Tel : 6440 9171


Camemberu said...

Ah so this is the one you mentioned on my blog...I should come and try this. Great photos, btw!

amiscell said...

Yes, it's a great place. Try the meats, but beware that from my experience, if you order the "mixed meats" platter, they don't serve the same juicy char siu, but a drier (not as succulent) version.

Anonymous said...

There is a branch at toa payoh, blk 190 at the food alley near hdb hub.

amiscell said...

That's great news! I was missing their food! Thanks for sharing!

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