Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cassis - Saturday Brunch

UPDATE: This restaurant is now CLOSED.

I have already reviewed this restaurant before, but I wanted to go back and check out what executive Chef Eric Guilbert has prepared for the new Cassis lunch menu. Some items remained the same since last time I visited Cassis, but there are some new dishes and overall the new version is more interesting and appetising.

I started off with an Asparagus "Vichyssoise" with vegetarian caviar and smoked salmon tataki. Compliments to the Chef, as this dish was absolutely phenomenal. An incredibly light and foamy sour cream that disappears in your mouth, topped by a savoury vegetarian caviar, was accompanying slices of seared fresh salmon. The whole thing was immersed into an unprecedented delicate asparagus creamy soup. The subtle balance of flavours of this dish can only come from a very experienced Chef.

The other starter was a Mozzarella Bavarois with pesto marinated grilled vegetables and crispy Parmesan. I loved how Italian traditional classic flavours and modern French cuisine were successfully combined. As you can guess, the highlight of this dish was the mozzarella Bavarois. I am not sure how it was prepared, but it was a very interesting Bavarois-like textured mozzarella, accompanied by all time favourite Italian vegetables such as peppers, zucchini and aubergines.

The Veal Blanquette, linguini pasta, Olives and Vegetables was a meaningful example of French interpretation of pasta. I liked the fact that pasta was prepared in a French-style, without compromising on quality. The veal was tender and tasty, while the handmade linguini (which were actually more like fettuccine) were served into a creamy and buttery emulsion.

My Red snapper fish, potato puree, winter vegetables, sweet yellow curry sauce was a classic and well executed dish. The snapper was tender and succulent, topped by its own light and crispy skin. The mild curry flavoured sauce added a twist of flavour to the puree and vegetables, as the fish was so perfectly cooked and seasoned I wouldn't want to dip it into any sauce.

I ended my meal with a Cassis jelly and Bavaroise on a fine Sable Breton, almond milk ice cream and fruity meringue. Although I always tend to go for chocolate based desserts, I enjoyed this combination of temperatures, sweet and sour flavours and velvety and crunchy textures. Description and presentation of this dessert are a real temptation, and taste matched expectation.

We were also served a complimentary plate of sweets prepared by the patisserie next door, run by the same owner. The service was incredibly attentive. The staff did their best to make me feel at ease although I went late and they were almost closing.
The final bill for 2 people was $65.05, including a 2 course ($25.50) and a 3 course ($29.75) set lunch. This is an absolute bargain. I don't think you can get this quality of food, ambiance and service for this price anywhere else in Singapore. If you can, let me know as I will be there in no time! I have visited this restaurant 3 times, and I never left disappointed. I can only recommend Cassis for its ambiance, top service and consistent excellence in French cuisine.

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ratatouille said...

great review. I just went there yesterday for lunch and I was pleased with the food.

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