Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gohanya-Tsubaki An

Located in the middle of Boat Quay, Gohanya-Tsubaki An is well known by the local lunch crowd for its relatively low priced Japanese menu. Run by some Japanese ladies, the restaurant differentiates itself by serving home-style Japanese cooking for the lunch crowd.

The Oyako Don ($18+) came with a very classic Japanese potato salad and mashed pumpkin salad. The pumpkin salad was a nice combination of sweet mashed pumpkin, raisins and crunchy vegetables.

The Oyako don itself was certainly above average (compared to other restaurants on the same price range). The egg was half set and juicy as it's supposed to be, the rice was moist and the sauce gently added flavour bringing all the ingredients together.

The fried chicken curry ($18+) set was as good as it can get. Crispy, succulent chicken, sweet Fukujinzuke pickles and a thick, mild and sweet curry sauce with chunks of potatoes and carrots.

Finally, we were served a Honey Pudding dessert (included in the meal), which tasted more like a honey pannacotta. The serving is very small but just enough to end your meal with a light sweet note.

I didn't find this restaurant particularly cheap, and although the dishes are authentic and the menu quite consistently proposes a home cooking style, I still believe prices should be a bit lower. On the positive side, a soft drink and a tiny dessert are included, and there isn't too much competition in the area serving a similar sort of food.
The bill was $39.60 in total, so expect to pay an average of $20 per person for a basic meal. This is not a restaurant that will surprise you, however it will consistently deliver simple, authentic Japanese dishes.

Gohanya-Tsubaki An
Address: No. 3 Canton St #01-01/02
Tel: 6334 3510

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