Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beetroot tagliolini

A quick and easy recipe, if you want to cook something different, for fresh tagliolini lovers who got bored with making the usual tomato sauce.

Boil a beetroot in salted hot water for 30 seconds or so, remove it from the heat and peel it. Reserve a couple of slices for decoration purposes, and place the rest in a blender together with a few strands of fresh chives. Quickly blend them together, then transfer them into a skillet, adding some cream to taste. Reduce the cream to a half, then add salt and pepper and a few extra chopped chives. Remove from the fire.

Quickly boil the tagliolini and serve with the sauce on top. I also added some caviar for extra flavour and decoration.


Anonymous said...

Again,I am amazed at ur recipes.This pasta dish is healthy and easily obatined from local store here :)
two questions..
i. tagliolni looks like spaghetti ..what's the difference?
ii. where would you source your ingredients for italian cooking in S'pore...for my future use when I am back there :)

amiscell said...

Oh, I thought you were based in Singapore! Spaghetti is round and dried (industrially made). You don't get fresh spaghetti or egg spaghetti. On the other hand, tagliolini are fresh egg pasta (pasta all'uovo). They are square in section as you cut the sheet either with a knife (if you do it by hand) or using the pasta machine (usually pasta machines come with a wider cut for fettuccine and a thin cut for tagliolini). I go to Cold Storage for most of my ingredients, but sometimes to markets or more specialised shops for fresh ones. None of the ingredients I use are specifically Italian (apart from the very common ones) as they are not available in Singapore (or very expensive if they are). For instance, I would love to make something with "pancetta", except I haven't been able to find it yet :( Such a basic ingredient!! Because of this, I can't make classic dishes like Amatriciana or Carbonara...
Maybe I should write a post about pasta types!

Anonymous said...

ah i see..yes, it would be good if you could write a review on types of pasta. It such a common ingredient yet taken for granted most of the times in my opinion. I am based in Dublin..was in Singapore :)

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