Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gobi - Fantasy

I have been buying cakes regularly from Gobi since they first opened. Their laboratory is in Katong Mall and you can also collect from there, although they now only accept orders either by phone or from their main outlet at "The Central".
Their cakes are definitely unique, top exclusive creations. I have been eating their "Chocolate Therapy" for about 2 years and I am still not bored with it. I can also recommend their "Ivory Tower", so light and creamy and ideal for coconut lovers.

This time, I bought their "Fantasy" selection of assorted mini-cakes.
You can buy them and slowly eat them one by one over the weekend, to taste the full palette of flavours, ranging from fruit filled giant macarons to mini mont-blanc and chocolate cakes.

In summary, if you are a dessert lover and you haven't yet tried Gobi, you must!



Fen said...

Wow, the photo you have taken for GOBI's sweet treats is so lovely, I like the colours of that picture...

I did try GOBI twice and the only think I like alot is their matcha macarons... I do agree with you that their chocolate creations are good but they are pretty pricey given that their serving is small... Nevertheless, they are pretty good gifts as they have such lovely colours and presentation.

amiscell said...

The mini-cakes selection pictured is very reasonable, but I have to agree that their other cakes are not cheap and pretty small. Yet, I am the type who doesn't mind paying for quality :)

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