Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cassis - Friday Lunch

UPDATE: This restaurant is now CLOSED.

This is the third time I am blogging about this place, but then again it has been longer than 6 months since last time I visited it. The bad news is that they no longer open for lunch on weekends, as they used to (my old posts were Saturday and Sunday lunches). I suspect that once the big residential projects being built next door will be complete, they will generate enough demand to support this restaurant for weekend brunches. Some developments are completing soon, while others will take another year or so, therefore I don't expect their opening hours to change again anytime soon.
Their menu is pretty much similar to what they had last year, except it provides much more variety. They have basically consolidated two of their old brunch menus and added some extra dishes on top of that. Please check here for their latest lunch menu.

I have already reviewed most of the dishes apart from the desserts, and this time they were as good as they were at my previous visit. I won't be too detailed on the descriptions, but please check my older posts for the Saturday and Sunday brunches.

The Asparagus “Vichyssoise” with Vegetarian Caviar and Smoked Homemade Salmon Tataki was my favourite dish, with that minced raw salmon and mild asparagus creamy sauce poured on the dish in front of you.

Interesting but not as special, the Mozzarella Bavarois with Pesto Marinated Grilled Vegetables and Crispy Parmesan is a light and healthy alternative for your starter.

The Red Snapper Fish, Potato Puree, Glazed Vegetables, Sweet Yellow Curry Sauce was cooked and seasoned to perfection, with a mild sauce and assorted vegetables.

I decided to try for the first time the Traditional Codfish “Brandade” with Green Leaves on the side. It's a gratinated mix of mashed potatoes and mashed cod, with a sauce around its perimeter. Overall not my favourite type of dish due to its nature, but nicely done in its own right.

I loved the presentation of the Orange Crème Brulee served with a Caramel Sauce, as the creme brulee was served inside half an orange, while the pulp of the orange itself was presented sliced on a separate pastry cup. The creme brulee was very nicely done, balanced in creaminess and sweetness.

Finally, the Deep Fried Peche with Vanilla Ice Cream served with warm Chocolate sauce was a much heavier alternative. I found the batter a bit too thick and heavy for my taste. I would have preferred a thinner and lighter coating around the peach. The sauce and nuts well complemented the dish, if only the deep frying was done more 'tempura' style.

The total cost of the meal was $81 including a bottle of mineral water. I still believe that given the standard of location, food and service, this remains an excellent deal and with 8 starters and 7 mains, it provides a great selection for a brunch deal. If you haven't yet tried it, you should!

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