Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coffee Bar K - Revisited

The other day I paid another visit to my favourite cocktail bar, which I previously reviewed on this blog. They were celebrating their 3rd year in Singapore on the day, and I was glad to witness their success, happy with the fact that such a specialist place has been able to survive through these difficult times.

This is a bar where not only they strive for quality, but they also deliver a unique and sophisticated ambiance like no others in Singapore.

Once again, their classic selection of cocktails, theatrically prepared and mixed in front of the customers, didn't fail to impress me.


天然パーマンTENNEN PARMAN [from Japan] said...

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amiscell said...

Thanks for visiting! I wish I could read Japanese, but for those who can, I have added you to my list of blogs.

Unknown said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and I'm interested in going to check out coffee bar k too. How do you get there? Is it in UE square itself? Because I don't seem to see it there?

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