Saturday, May 2, 2009

Epicurious - Ladyironchef food gathering

Thanks to ladyironchef, we had a wonderful food gathering this afternoon and the venue of choice was Epicurious.
The company was very enjoyable and the event was a success, with about 40 people attending. It was the first time I attended such an outing, and surely it won't be the last. Brad arranged a menu catered for the event, priced at $25 dollars for the dishes pictured below. He also organised a lottery, with vouchers for free dishes or 1-for-1 offers at Epicurious.
Most importantly the company was great, as we enjoyed a very pleasant conversation particularly around food! Well done ladyironchef, we all really appreciate the effort you put into this to make it successful!

Mushroom soup with cheese-topped bread

Asian salad with bacon-wrapped chicken

Mini burger with spaghetti Vietnamese bolognese

Apple crumble with french toast

See you all at the next food outing. Hopefully Brad will organise more of these!


Unknown said...

WOW! that's super duper fast. I just got home and you blog abt it already! haha. thanks for coming, it was real nice meeting you, and I'm really glad your table had an enjoyable time! heh

Of course, there will be PLENTY more outings coming up, see u soon :)

amiscell said...

Thank you for organising it, it was memorable! Maybe the rest of us (food bloggers) should also do the same now and then, to be fair to you!

Unknown said...

haha don't worry abt it, I enjoyed organising such outings. heh. But i'll definitely go for yours if I'm free on that day :)

Rebecca Saw said...

cool! i jz luv foodie gatherings, here in KL and Pg we alws do that ;) Great to laugh n catch up and ENJOY food!! hahhaha. ehh.. how did u get ur pic to be soo big? mine is alws restricted by "large" option which is what i see on my upload pic window in blogger. And no matter hw i try i cant chg the size. If i chg in html, then the pic is my pics r so small ;(

amiscell said...

Simple. Add them as large, then remove "width" and "height" from the html, and also remove the "/s400" bit from the picture URL in the html.

TED said...

Great Blog,
you should submit it to The Expat Directory:

Only downside is that 20 minutes ib your blog leaves your mouth watering :)

amiscell said...

Thanks! That's the best compliment so far!!
I will definitely post a link where you suggested.

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