Sunday, June 14, 2009

Katsu-don at Liang Court

I was at Liang Court today to do some shopping, and I decided to give the food court a try. I am referring to the food court located at the basement, next to the Japanese supermarket.

I tried the donburi stall right in front of the cashiers, and I ordered a dish which I used to have quite regularly while I was in London, but I haven't been eating for years.
For $11 I thought the food was just fine, as it's supposed to be: with the rice being quite moist and juicy, mildly flavoured, and the egg randomly scrambled and half-set.
If you are a donburi lover, then this is a good place to eat-and-go. I wish they also had raw-fish donburi (like negitoro don, for instance!) but unfortunately I haven't seen those very often in Singapore. I don't think they are particularly popular with the local crowd.

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