Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marutama Ramen

I had a crave for Ramen, and I spent quite some time researching where to go. In the end, I decided to try a little restaurant that I have been observing for quite some time and never had the opportunity to try. Marutama Ramen is located at the 3rd floor of Central, Clarke Quay. I have noticed long queues in front of this rather narrow little restaurant, and I was curious to find out what's behind its popularity.

Each bowl of ramen costs $12 without any extra toppings. The Char-Siew ramen was served with 3 slices of pork, as I added the extra 2 slices for $4. Initially, I was not impressed by the noodles as they are so thin. Although I prefer more body in the noodles, I enjoyed this ramen as I ate more and more of them. The generous spring onion, seaweed, tender charsiew, all well balanced onto a very tasty soup. Some might find it salty, but this is how it's supposed to be, so that the noodles can pickup the flavour.

My dining companion chose this kakuni ramen with extra Ajutsuke tamago. The egg is very tasty, slightly running inside. The kakuni is pork belly braised for a long time (buta kakuni), extremely tender and flavoursome. I think I am going to choose this, next time!

The chef serving the ramen was actually Japanese, and I liked the fact that we ate our ramen at the counter, just like in Japan. This place is not cheap (we spent $42.35 for 2 bowls of ramen), but given that good, cheap ramen just like in Japan don't exist in Singapore, unfortunately you have to pay for quality and authenticity. I have only one negative comment to make: I with they provided a choice of thicker ramen!

Marutama Ramen
177 River Valley road
#02-01 Liang court
Tel: 68372480


His Food Blog said...

You missed out on their Yaki Char Siew. Highly recommended!

amiscell said...

Really? I didn't spot it. I will definitely go back to this place, and I will definitely try it!

Nicholas said...

If you're looking for good ramen, you could try santouka, which is also located in Central on the second floor. It's hidden in a corner opposite Billy Bombers I believe. Personally prefer Santouka actually.

Devaki said...

I love being able to relive the food delights of Singapore (I miss the pa mien & bakuteh, carrot cake, gold coin tofu a lot) through your blog. I am so jealous...the offerings here is the US are not nearly as colorful (lack of better term). I have you down on my foodblog as food tribe - come see me at (just launched on New Year's day)

Ciao, Devaki

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