Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quattro Stagioni Deli

Unfortunately, Quattro Stagioni is now CLOSED.

I have been patronizing this little Italian delicatessen located at the basement of Liang Court for about a month or so, and I believe it deserve some attention. As a matter of fact, I haven't found another deli quite like this one anywhere else in Singapore. The variety and authenticity of the products they offer and the freshness of the dairy products is quite extraordinary for this corner of the world.

Their repertoire of products and ingredients ranges from authentic Italian salt for making pasta to fresh "treccia di mozzarella di bufala", from niche Italian spirits like Aperol to good quality pastas. In particular, as far as I know, they are the only ones in Singapore you can by bottarga from.

If you are Italian in Singapore, you will definitely love this place. You will be able to find some of those nostalgic products you have been missing since your last trip to Italy, or a good replacement for those "compromise" products you had to utilise when cooking Italian food in Singapore. If you are simply a fan of Italian food and products, then drop by this place. I especially recommend trying their cheeses!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're able to find the ingredients you have been missing here...seems like Liang Court got a major renovation since I last been there...a good revamp I sensed :)

amiscell said...

Absolutely! We actually didn't have any proper Italian deli until this opened. "Gastronomia Da Paolo" is only extremely limited, just for the local crowd. It's not really an Italian deli. I was actually so surprised when I came to Singapore to find out that there wasn't anything like it, and finally we have it. I just hope it will survive!

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