Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brasserie Wolf - Lunch

Your options are limited if you want to have French fare on a late Sunday afternoon. Wolf is one of them, since they are open all day during weekends, and their lunch set menu is available until 5pm. I previously had the dinner set at Wolf and I wasn't disappointed, so I decided to try their lunch menu. They offer 2 courses for $25 and 3 courses for $29.

The Goat's cheese tart was light and soft, not as cheesy as I imagined it.

As a light starter I would recommend the vine ripened tomatoes. The seasoning was well balanced and the mozzarella was tender and juicy. This was a simple, traditional Italian classic.

The chicken roulade would have been quite nice, although chicken and crab meat are not the best combination for my palate.

The roasted pork tenderloin in port wine sauce was slightly too mild and the pork could have been juicier. The mushroom polenta was tasty and helped balancing off the flavors.

The total bill was $70, inclusive of drinks. I would say that although none of the dishes stood out the food was simple and tasty. It was a fair deal and I would not rule out going back there again.

Wolf Brasserie
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