Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sometimes I miss the Lebanese food I used to have in London. I used to have my daily lunch at Al-Dar on the King's Road, and their Moutabal and sandwiches are some of my favorites.
Today I decided to adventure myself in the Arab Street area to try to find a Lebanese cafe' where I can enjoy that sort of dishes. After scanning the place, I finally decided to try Marhaba, which is not specifically Lebanese, but serves Arab food. Next time I will try Beirut, which is a Lebanese restaurant located right in front.

Their Hummus ($5.90) was pretty good, served with 4 slices of bread. The bread was good, but didn't taste freshly made on the spot, as in some Arab restaurants.

I really liked their Baba Ganoush ($6.00), which had the right coarse texture and a light smoky flavor. I would go back for this dish alone.

The Shwarma sandwiches were quite thin and didn't have much meat in them. The sauce was right and the bread not bad, but they were mainly made of bread and vegetables.

Prices were very reasonable, but it did take quite a long time for the food to come. The total bill was $36.00 including drinks. The food was pretty good for the price, and I would recommend it for the Baba Ganoush and Hommos, although the sandwiches could be improved on.

11 Bussorah Street
Tel: 62988220

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