Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shibaken - Saturday Lunch

In reference to my previous post, this is one of those places that would deserve more attention.
A bright, spacious and relaxed ambiance brings the focus of this restaurant onto its kitchen, which is fully integrated into the dining experience. The square counter directs the attention of the diners onto the Chefs, who carefully prepare beautiful dishes right in front of their eyes.

I have been to this restaurant before (about 2 years ago) and I had a pleasant dinner. I decided to try this again for lunch. They have a few options (3 - 4 courses) priced at $38 and $45 respectively. I went for the 4 course option, and my partner ordered a la carte. Note that they only charge an additional 10%, instead of the ordinary 17% (only one +). We spent a total of $87 for a delicious, relaxed lunch. The mystery unsolved is: why were we the only ones? Well, I am not complaining for having two skilled chefs dedicated exclusively to satisfying my fussy palate!

The beauty of this place is observing the Chefs at work.

Wakame and beansprouts salad with fresh tofu and edamame.

A taster of 7 starters. The soba with bottarga (karasumi) is one of their signature dishes, and highly recommended. I also enjoyed the cream cheese tofu and hamachi with fennel. Overall, a well balanced selection of well prepared cold starters.

Burdock root soup, with a dash of truffle oil.

Salmon with mushrooms and beetroot puree'. Unfortunately the only fish dish on the lunch menu. I am not a big fan of salmon, but the dish is quite enjoyable.

This was a very good tenderloin with red wine sauce and parsnip puree'. I would say this is the most recommended dish out of the ones on the lunch menu.

I definitely liked this grapefruit jelly. Grapefruit and bitter taste lovers are going to like this dessert, as it's light and very low in sugar. The jelly is well textured, with chopped bits of grapefruit zest inside. A honey ice cream and fresh berries complement the decoration.

1 Nanson Road
#02-02A The Gallery Hotel
Tel: +65 6836 1613

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Anonymous said...

Been there for dinner a couple times, been wanting to check out their lunch menu.

Great photography. Welcome back!!!

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