Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sui Japanese Dining

I haven't been eating sushi on a regular basis since Wahiro closed in Katong Mall. I have been thinking of looking for a replacement for the time being, although it is expected to reopen quite soon.
Today I was craving for sushi, so I decided to try Sui Japanese Dining. Both staff and sushi chef were welcoming and friendly. We sat at the sushi counter and I asked the chef what the best fish of the day was.

Based on his recommendation, I ordered some traditional nigiri, which is the best way to tell the quality of the sushi. The chu-toro was OK, I have no complaints with the fish, but the rice was so dry that I couldn't appreciate it at all.

Needless to say, the same dry rice problem haunted me over...

...and over...

...and over, for all the sushi I ordered (and regretted for ordering). A bit upsetting really. I could excuse this quality of sushi rice if I went to Sakae Sushi (which is something I don't do), but not for this kind of price!

The deep fried botanebi head was good, and so was the miso soup with the second head.

The "salted raw squid" was also quite nice, with a very strong fishy taste. I would describe it as smooth, slimy and salty, with a strong flavor of egg roe, almost like concentrated bottarga.

The grilled cod with mentaiko was OK, although a bit junkie due to the generous mayonnaise-mentaiko mix.

The painful bit was the bill, which was $104 in total (the two of us had ice water and green tea as a drink), out of which $70 was the net cost of the sushi. If the sushi had been satisfactory, I would have thought the price was OK, although I would have still preferred Wahiro in terms of fish quality. But since the quality of the rice was so poor, I felt ripped off. Fair enough, my search for reasonably good sushi for a reasonable price continues...

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