Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wahiro - Roxy Square

Finally, it's back! After 2 long months, my favourite neighborhood Japanese restaurant has reopened in style! While Wahiro was closed, I tried a couple of other places, looking for reasonably priced but good sushi and Japanese food, and failed miserably. My unsuccessful search is over, now that they are open again.

The new venue has a different feel as compared to the old cozy and traditional restaurant: It's more modern, brighter and spacious. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. I wasn't surprised by the fact that 2 days after opening the restaurant was already fully packed with their regular customers, which is a sign of how appreciated this restaurant is.

The menu is basically the same, as I believe most regulars would want it to stay the same. And of course the staff hasn't changed too, as they seem to be so attached to this business and its cheerful owners.

The logo outside the door has been modernised. Very "zen"!

I don't think too many comments are required for their food. It's traditional, simple, fresh, authentic, and above average for what you pay. This is why they have been so successful and have such a solid customers base.

Their kushiyaki is as good as it has always been. The asparagus was firm and juicy.

The fish arrived the day before, and I have to say I went for 2 days in a row and the previous day it was even better! However, not to complain, the fish was firm and fresh even on the day I took the pictures.

I love this seasonal dish. Steamed bamboo shoots (Takenoko) with katsuobushi. It tastes so traditional, just the dashii smell stimulates your appetite.

Chicken thigh with salt.

I love their amaebi nigiri. It's impeccably smooth, firm, fat and sweet...

...and the heads follow either as a soup or deep fried.

Ankimo with Miso dressing is superb. A nice alternative to the usual Ankimo ponzu.

Wahiro - Katong
50 East Coast Road #01-01,
Roxy Square Shopping Centre, Singapore 428769
Tel: 6342 2252

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