Saturday, March 20, 2010

Black Earth

This restaurant is now CLOSED.

A surprising new discovery in the heart of Joo Chiat? This very hidden find is located on Joo Chiat road, opposite the Black Earth Art museum and it has been open for approximately 2 months. Nevertheless, nobody knows about it since its existence has not been advertised and the classic blackboard with the daily specials almost goes unnoticed. Unfortunately the combination of the two hasn't been helping its popularity, despite the fact that once you walk inside the place is beautifully decorated in a clean and classic Joo chiat style. But how about the food?

Looking at the prices ($8 for a glass of wine, $8 for a salad, between $14 and $18 for a main) you wouldn't expect much... and I was pleasantly surprised. I tried the 'coq au vin', a classic French of chicken in red wine sauce, and it was absolutely phenomenal. A generous portion of meaty chicken came with bread and a plate of assorted garden vegetables and roasted potatoes, all for just $14++!

The salmon with lime sauce on a bed of yellow zucchini and mashed potatoes ($22++) was just as good. The sauce was described as 'creamy', but it was actually very light with a subtle tang. They also serve a similar red snapper dish for those who prefer white fish.

The total cost for this dinner was $42 for two. Where in Singapore can you eat properly cooked French fare in a beautifully decorated classic setting for this sort of price?

Well, I believe that they got their formula just right. If Astons can be busy just around the corner, why wouldn't this place be? Prices are competitive, the food is better, the ambience is better... but the place is fairly empty. You would ask yourself why... This is my view:
- It's new, it needs time for people to find out
- It's barely noticeable from the outside
- A few glitches... the specials are shown on the board outside and not on the menu, so once you sit down and search for them, you are led to think that what you saw outside is actually not available
- Lack of advertising. I get the feeling that the owners are not that business minded and more into 'doing the right thing'

It will take some time for all of the above to be resolved and the place to become successful... in the meantime, I am proud of having discovered this new gem, happy that it's located around the corner from my place, and I will certainly be back on a regular basis.

Black Earth
367 Joo Chiat Road
(Corner of Joo Chiat road with Duku road)
Tel: 63464558
Open for lunch and dinner

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Anonymous said...

i am wondering if there is an air-well in the restaurant?

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