Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kyoto - Nishin Soba

For the first time in 2 years, I will be writing the review of a restaurant of which I don't know the name. Despite my knowledge of Hiragana, I am unable to decode the name of this place. Japanese natives, your input is welcome!

I stumbled into this place which serves a dish that is typical of Kyoto: Nishin Soba.
The dish consists in soba noodles in broth, topped with a smoked herring and a generous amount of spring onion. It is highly recommended that you try this dish which you won't be able to find abroad, and certainly not as good as they make it here. I have been craving for it ever since I was blessed by its flavour!

The service in this shop is not the friendliest, unlike most of Japan. Said that, I will be willing to undergo poor treatment anytime just to have another bowl of these!

The restaurant is located off the road that goes from Gion-Shijo to the Yasaka shrine. I included a link to the exact location on Google Maps.

Direction: Google Maps
Phone: (075) 551 1119


M. said...

Oooh, craving this dish like NOW. Btw, I think the shop's name is "Hen Chi".

amiscell said...

Thanks! So they did write it reversed, as I suspected... I tried to look for henchi on Gogole, but I couldn't find it. I guess this kind of traditional soba shop is unlikely to have any references on the net!

glutster said...

hey there. thanks for this post. Found this dish in a restaurant in Little Tokyo (los Angeles) and decided to get it.

I found the dried fish a little bit too sweet for my palate though. Is the fish supposed to be sweet?

Thanks. If you can please email me at it would be greatly appreciated.


amiscell said...

Gluster - Yes, it is supposed to be sweet. It might be a bit of an acquired taste...

0sl4yerx said...

It's Henko (へん古).

I love nishin soba. Haven't been to that place, though.

Gwynng said...

What I really want is a recipe... I can't find pre-packaged mackerel like that even in the import stores... if anyone knows how to make it, let me know. I miss nishin soba.

amiscell said...

Hi Gwynng - from a quick google search, there are recipes online, such as this one:

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