Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sapporo - Aburiya

Located in Susukino, this izakaya differentiates itself from the rest. One of three branches, all located in Sapporo, specialises in crab (which was very good, I tried it grilled), although every dish I had was superb.

The fluorescent sign outside the entrance displays a rather interesting menu, and that's what inspired me to instinctively try this place.

A steep ramp of stairs leads you to the basement, where a spa-like entrance opens up into a large and spacious sushi counter. All around the counter, a series of corridors lead to private rooms where you can sit in good company, savor extremely good local sakes and taste their delicacies.

Not having enough of it in Hakodate, I immediately went for the uni. In this place, they have the option of serving the uni "in sea water". I never tried this before, and since I already had this delicacy in various forms in Hakodate, I didn't hesitate pointing to this. It was actually the freshest tasting, most "live feeling" uni I ever tasted. The sea water perfectly maintains the natural moisture of the roe as if you were eating it straight out of its shell!

Apologies for the poor picture due to the low lighting conditions. It might not look like the best buta kakuni you have seen, but it tastes the best.

The gomadofu was also very good, made locally, with a creamy and firm texture.

The tsukune yakitori (minced chicken) caught me by surprise. I had this sort of skewer many times before, but this one was in a totally different league. The flavour was delicate, and its texture was so light that it dissolved in my mouth.

And the best for last... smoked mackerel with smoked grilled cheese. Superb!

If you happen to be in Sapporo, I highly recommend this izakaya. Definitely the best food I had in Sapporo overall. Ah, one last thing... the sake I had there was the best I had to date! I spent the rest of my holiday trying to match that crystal clear sensation, but I never managed to :(

Website: http://www.aburiya.com/susukino/betteitop.htm

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