Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sapporo - Teshikaga Ramen

The first thing I wanted to try once I landed in Sapporo was the ramen. Once again, it was such a coincidence that my hotel happened to be right next to the "ramen alley", in Susukino. This is a very narrow street, which hosts 17 Sapporo ramen shops. Walking through it, you will be spoilt for choice shopping for exactly what you are looking for. Since I was coming directly from Hakodate an I had quite a bit of seafood, I was really craving for pork. the sign of Teshikaga ramen caught my attention sue to that grilled, fat slice of pork that dominates the bowl...

The highlights of this ramen were:
  • The soup: light, miso based, in real Sapporo style
  • The egg, with its creamy yolk, just the way I like it
  • The grilled+aburi pork belly. I loved how the charred taste gradually released its aroma into the soup.
  • A ball of spicy kimchee-like vegetable. This is optional and not something everyone will like, but if you appreciate spicy food, this is a feature unique of this shop, so why not :)
I was overall very happy with this ramen. It started quite gentle and became more and more robust as the charred pork and spicy vegetables released their aroma into the soup. Worth a try if you are looking for a ramen out of the ordinary!

If you are unsure how to locate the "Ramen Alley" just ask at the tourist information centre at Sapporo JR, and they will provide you complete information with a map in English.

Teshikaga Ramen

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