Monday, August 30, 2010

My favourite restaurants #1

Whenever I end up talking to people about food, the recurrent question is: "What Japanese restaurant do you recommend?" - "Where can I get good Italian?" - and so on...
Every time I reflect on where I ate and what I should recommend. I thought it would be a good foodie's practice to record his favourites periodically and publish them every 3 months or so. The following are my favourites as of today.

- Wahiro - Good value for money sushi, and great traditional, seasonal dishes
- Goto - Best kaiseki
- Matsuo - Best top end sushi
- Shimbashi soba - Best soba

- Keisuke - Great for seafood based broth
- Marutama - Great chicken stock

- Silk Road - My favourite northern Chinese food. Shaved noodles, Dandan mien, French beans...
- Shin Yeh - Taiwanese bottarga, fish claypot with tofu and aubergines
- Lan Zhou La Mien - Zhajang mien, guo tie

Classic French
- Cocotte
- Le Bistrot du Sommelier - Frog legs, Cote de Boeuf

- Cugini - Linguine alle vongole, ravioli, pizza
- Gattopardo - Bucatini alle sarde, arrotolata, zuppa di pesce, crispy bread
- Forlino

Fine dining Lunch Menus
- Fiftythree - I love their bread and starters
- Private Affairs - Really great deal, great food
- Gunther's - Gunther's style is worth a try
- Tippling Club - Inventive molecular cuisine, great desserts and cocktails!

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