Sunday, September 5, 2010

Le Bistrot du Sommelier

This is the fourth time I have eaten at this restaurant, although it's the first time I blog about it. Together with Cocotte, it is my favourite rustic French restaurant in Singapore. Located within a shop house, the dining room is divided in two floors and there is also a pleasant outdoor area for "al fresco" dining. Booking is recommended, given that the number of tables is limited.
This is a small selection of dishes I have eaten last night, but really everything that's on the menu, is simple, rustic, good French food.

I usually start with a duck rillette, which they can make very well. This time I decided to chose something different, and went for the salmon tartare, served with toasted bread. I was actually surprised by how good this was, and I will definitely have this again as a starter at my next visit. It is a simple dish, but the seasoning was so well balanced that it really worked.

Now, onto the mains... the coq au vin, a true French classic, which was served with a side of tagliatelle. The sauce was packed with flavour, subtly smoky, and the chicken just broke apart, while still retaining its juices.

The beef cheek braised with carrots and mushrooms was superb. The generous chunks of beef were gelatinous to the touch, and the meat was incredibly tender and still retained some of its natural fat.

The chef managed to impress even a simple dish as boiled potatoes with parsley, which accompanied the braised beef cheeks. The distinct flavour of olive oil and parsley made this taste like as countryside food should. We sucked away any traces of the juices left on plates and pots with a basket of bread.
The final bill was S$114, including two glasses of red wine.

Le bistrot du sommelier is an obvious choice if you are looking for rustic french fare. I was delighted with every one of the dishes I have eaten at Le Bistrot du Sommelier at my previous visits, apart from their duck. My only warning is to vegetarians and fish lovers, since most of the menu is meat based, with only 1 fish dish.

Le Bistrot du Sommelier
Address: 46 Prinsep Street, #01-01 Prinsep Place 188675
Tel: 6333.1982

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