Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chefs with Altitude 2010

This is my second year at "Chefs with Altitude", a yearly celebration sponsored by Swisshotel the Stamford, with Chefs cooking live, music, free flow cocktails, food and desserts!
'Last year I didn't take the camera with me as I didn't want to carry it around with me all night, but this year I decided to make that compromise in the name of blogging, and so here we are...

The location is unbeatable, on the rooftop of the hotel (well, how else would you be able to justify the name of the party!), with a stunning view over Singapore and plenty of space for the Chefs to show off their culinary skills. I must say the party itself was as good as last year if not better, although the absence of Andre Chiang was definitely felt.

In my opinion, this year's highlight were without a doubt the cocktails rather than the food. Richard Gillam (pictured below, on the left) did a fantastic job with three different stunning cocktails. That also resulted into a problem, since I just couldn't stop drinking and trying all three a few times, I very quickly crossed the line...

The crowd was lively and the place was buzzing with people socialising, food and drinks constantly being dished out.

Ebbe Vollmer, the new resident Chef at Jaan, served a sausage with beans. Although there was nothing wrong with the dish, I wasn't particularly impressed since I am not a huge fan of either sausages or beans.

On the other hand, Swiss Chef Irma Dütsch from Equinox restaurant served a pan fried foie gras on caramelised apple with brioche. Well, you can't really complain about free foie gras, although it's not one of those dishes that you can go back asking for more too many times...

Just like last year, it was nice to taste delicacies and watching master Chefs at work while sipping beautiful cocktails.

Overall the party was a success, and I will be looking forward to next year's event. This just reminded me that it's about time I go and try Jaan, now that Chef Ebbe is well settled in!

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