Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rhubarb Sous-vide

When I saw this beautiful rhubarb being sold at FairPrice in Marine Parade, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try it sous-vide. I appreciate the fact that FairPrice is actually making an effort to introduce foreign products that otherwise can hardly be found in Singapore. They are currently promoting rhubarb, celeriac, parsnips, artichokes, endives and a few others.

I have never actually cooked rhubarb before, so this would be my first experience with it. I quickly did some research to find a recipe, and I found this one: 45 minutes at 61C.

As in the recipe, I mixed some natural vanilla pods, about 130g rhubarb and 25g of sugar in a bag and vacuumed it dry. I only cooked it for 30 minutes, since this other recipe suggests cooking it at the same temperature for just 20 minutes, so I decided to average them out.

The result was very tasty, especially with that natural and smooth vanilla flavour lingering in the background. Next time, I would try to cook it for 45 minutes, since I could tell that it would have tasted even better if softened a bit further.

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