Sunday, November 14, 2010

More on Beef Brisket Sous-Vide

There are 3 very different sous-vide recipes for the beef brisket, 3 different schools:
  • 48 hours @ 57C
  • 48 hours @ 64C (Thomas Keller's)
  • 24 hours @ 80C
In a previous post, I described my second attempt with Thomas Keller's recipe. While the first attempt was quite good, the second time round the meat came out quite dry, possibly due to the lean cut of meat.

This third time, I decided to try a radically different recipe, the 80C for 24 hours. I am not sure why, but many blogs and articles on the Internet talk about the last two techniques, without explaining what exactly the difference is between the two. Well, the result is totally different. The 24 hours brisket was delicious, with an intensely flavoured juice out of the bag, and it broke to the touch. It was browned throughout, exactly like a traditionally braised beef brisket, except more flavoursome.
The 48 hours @ 64C brisket was pink in the inside, still a little tough, and tended to be dry unless the cut of meat is well marbled throughout.
So in conclusion, if you want a more fine dining sous-vide effect, then go for Thomas Keller's recipe (although I haven't yet been able to perfection this myself). If you are after a more traditional result, then the 80C for 24 hours will give you a great, reliable result.

I haven't yet tried the third option, 57C for 48 hours, but a fellow Singapore blogger posted a great, very detailed article on it:


alkanphel said...

Can I ask which book the recipe is from? I'm guessing Ad Hoc but I'm not 100% sure.

amiscell said...

Thomas Keller's 64C for 48 hours is from his recipe book that comes with the PolyScience circulator.
The 80C for 24 hours is from Doglas Baldwin:

alkanphel said...

Ah ok thanks. Looks like I won't be trying this 48hr short ribs anytime soon haha. But Keller has some short ribs recipes in his Ad Hoc book that I think I'll try soon :D

Anonymous said...

Right now I am doing a 55 C /48 hr with a lean cut,

John Loydall said...

This is interesting - I'll certainly give this a go. I cooked brisket at 56.5 for 2 days and it was good but still firm (recipe here if you're interested: But I like the sound of yours cooked at the higher temperature.

Adams kitchen said...

I tried the 80 degrees for 24 hours here.. the results seem the same as yours.

Fall apart meat and WONDERFUL gravy, the juice inside the bag was just sooo intense!

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