Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A private shoot-out affair

Private Affairs organised a photography event as part of their 1 year anniversary celebration. The participants submitted their favourite picture to take part in the contest, and 5 were selected out of 38. Those 5 participants gathered at the restaurant last Saturday to shoot pictures of about 15 dishes prepared by Paul, the head Chef at Private Affairs.

Out of all those shots, each of the 5 participants was asked to select one picture to submit to the competition. Mine was the one above. To see the others, you can take a look at the Facebook page of Private Affairs. Following below some other pictures I took on the day of the shooting.

A beautifully presented salad.



On Friday night, Private Affairs invited all their most regular customers and partners to visit the restaurant in order to celebrate their first anniversary. The shoot-out award ceremony was part of the event. Some great food was served during the event, including roast chicken and lamb, barbecued scallops and steaks, tasty mini-burgers, oysters and sashimi. Wines and sake were also free-flow.

Finally, the food photography awards. There were some really good pictures taking part in the competition, and I was very pleased to be awarded the 1st price! :)

Above is the Chef (Paul) next to a large print of the winning picture. The print will be hang in the dining room of the restaurant.

Part of the price was this Private Affairs Christmas basket filled up with goodies, including wines, cookies and jams made by the Chef! Other baskets were also distributed to other customers as part of other fun competitions and lucky draws.

The news is that the restaurant will be moving to Raffles Place next April. They decided to cater to the business Crowd in the CBD and leave Joo Chiat. There were some contrasting opinions in the audience when this was announced by Sharon. Some still love the idea of a fine dining place hidden in a Joo Chiat shop house.

I must say that it was great fun to take part in this photo competition, which was very well organised. The anniversary celebration was packed with fun people and good food and it was great to be part of it. I wish Private affairs the best of luck with their second year of activity!


Elaine Ng. said...

Nice to see you there & to chat with jasmine. Congrats on your winning photo.. u did deserve it! (:

ratatouille said...

congratulations! its definitely worthy of 1st prize.

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