Sunday, December 12, 2010

The best Dan Dan in Singapore?

Dan Dan and Zhajiang mien are without a doubt my two favourite noodle dishes in Chinese cuisine, but unfortunately since they originate from the northern part of China, they are not commonly found in Singapore, and when they are available they are often substandard. After tasting Dan Dan noodles in different places, my favourites are Silk Road (Amara Hotel), and Sichuan Dou Hua (Parkroyal hotel). Having to choose between these two, I would prefer the Silk Road Dan Dan, although it's a very close battle. As you may know, there are two types of Dan Dan, dry or soupy, and some places make one version, some places the other. For instance, Lao Beijing serves Dan Dan noodles in soup. I am generally not a big fan of soupy noodles, so I will only be reviewing the dry version.

I have reviewed Silk Road before, so I won't spend any more words on environment and service, which are of pretty good standard.
Dan Dan noodles at Silk Road only cost $6.00. They come in a decent portion with plenty of minced beef a creamy rich sauce, and an extremely pronounced Sichuan peppercorn kind of spiciness which is guaranteed to numb your mouth by the end of it!
What distinguishes the way this dish is prepared at Silk Road is the lightness of the sauce. Other places make the sauce too rough and robust, resulting in a heavy, unsettling flavour. Well, this is where I come for my Dan Dan fix, and at every visit I make sure I also have the dry beef shaved noodles and a portion of  Sichuan deep fried chicken with dried chilli (this second one is only recommended if you can eat spicy food), which I reviewed in my previous post.
I can only say that if you like Chinese noodles and you haven't tried Dan Dan before, you might be really missing something!

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