Friday, December 24, 2010

Sky on 57

Justin Queck's new restaurant is located on Sky Park, on top of the Marina Bay Sands, and opened just a couple of weeks ago. Well aware of the fact that new restaurants don't perform to their best from day one and need some time to warm up, I thought of paying them a visit to check out the view as well as the food.

The location is indeed breathtaking, and the interior is bright and extremely spacious, as you would expect from a restaurant in such a premium location. The overall theme is a sober classic modern. I opted for the set lunch menu, priced at S$48++ for 3 courses. You are requested to select a dessert, so starter, soup and main is not an allowed option.

The prawn bisque was ok, although definitely not one of the best I've had in Singapore. It's fairly hard to go terribly wrong with this dish, but I thought the surface of the soup was quite dried out, as if the dish had been standing somewhere for quite a while, waiting to be served. Not ideal.

My starter was poached eggs with mushrooms, pan fried foie gras and truffle oil. Nothing so exciting that I would order again, but decently put together.

The cod dish was a bit too bland. I didn't think that the sauce really worked with the cod, and the fish itself was perfectly cooked but didn't have any flavour.

The beef was tender enough, served with a nice demi-glas sauce which gave it some flavour. The braised tendons were very gelatinous and would be appreciated by many, although I am not that keen. Another dish that didn't excite me, although technically there was nothing wrong with it.

Out of all the food I had, I would say the the dessert was the only dish that had a soul, or something to say. The signature apple tart was beautiful, crispy and delicate. I would have this again.

The food was executed by the book but lacked in personality and tasted like standard hotel food, not something you would go out of your way to taste. The worst part was the service. I must say I have never had such poor service in a restaurant of this caliber. There was total lack of communication amongst service staff, and most of them have not yet been adequately trained. We asked for the bread multiple times to different waiters. When finally one took the initiative to put a basket of bread on our table, our waitress snatched the basket from us at the point that we were grabbing the first piece of bread and seeing our surprised faces she told us "he doesn't know" (meaning the other waiter doesn't understand the system). She then went away with the basket one meter away from us, grabbed a pair of tangs and came back to us to ask which piece of bread we wanted... there would have been more polite ways to achieve the same result!

Lots of waiters running everywhere, a lot of movement and little result. That is the impression you get when you sit at your table and watch the show. Being understanding, I am aware that it's difficult to get good service staff in Singapore, and this restaurant has only just opened. Said that, I would have expected a little more from the food.

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