Saturday, January 29, 2011


Recently, I have noticed a proliferation of new burger joints in Singapore. It seems like up until about 4-5 years ago, all we had was Carl's Jr and Relish and all of a sudden, following that "Everything with fries", "Fat Boyz" and "Bergs". Most interestingly, the latter markets itself as a gourmet burger joint. While I have eaten various times at their branch in Changi Business Park, for this review I decided to visit the Far East Square branch.

Out of the three, this branch is definitely the best both in terms of location, setting and decor. It's spacious and airy, and it provides sheltered outdoor benches.

Coming to the burgers, they are served in two sizes, small and "bergs" size. Prices are approximately below $10 for the smalls, and in the $14 region for the large burgers. In my previous visits, I tried their chicken burgers, "The Berg" and "Miss Piggy", and loved them all. This time I wanted to try something different, so I ordered "Crikey Too": a combination of bacon, beef pattie, beetroot, pineapple, Edam cheese, lettuce, onions and tomato.

The pattie was already tested on the other burgers, so it didn't disappoint me, but I loved this burger with the added flavour from the beetroot and pineapple. Some might find it slightly sweet, but it's overall very juicy and flavorsome.

Just to try a different "base", I also ordered a "Kiwi Stud", which is a lamb burger with Masala spices, lettuce and tomato. I didn't appreciate this burger as much as all the others due to the strong spices, and the pattie felt drier than its chicken and beef equivalents. I will continue to stick to chicken and beef in my future visits.

I think Bergs offers tremendous quality for its competitive prices. All their burgers are well thought, well assembled and presented, and have simple, distinct flavours, making them true gourmet burgers.
I also like their setup, except the fact that they do not provide trays to their customers and since the tables are made of spaced out wooden beams, all the juices dripping from the burgers end up decorating your trousers. This is not very well thought, I must say.
Despite that, I will be excited to eat at Bergs again and I would recommend it.  Just watch your lap!


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