Monday, August 1, 2011

Brasserie Wolf - Revisited

Brasserie wolf has been getting more attention recently, since they have recently changed their Chef, so I decided to pay them a visit together with some fellow foodies. We went for a Saturday lunch, just to have a taste of their food style.

The lunch set menu gives you a choice of 3 appetisers and 3 mains, and it's priced at $39.90 with dessert, or $31.90 without. Some of the menu choices looked promising, and among the 4 of us we managed more or less to get a taster of the full range of dishes.

The homemade rabbit and chicken terrine was tasty, and I would rate it as the best dish we had in the whole meal.

Less impressive was the white asparagus velouté.

I quite liked the pan fried Malabar, which was served with a smooth, creamy sauce, and some ikura as a decoration.

The Wagyu beef rump was a bit of a disaster. If that was Wagyu, then it must have been some very special Wagyu. The meat chunks were lean, dry and chewy. Even the sauce failed to savage the dish. All 4 of us were quite disappointed.

My Chestnut cream spaghetti was not bad, although it didn't look like spaghetti. The chestnut pureé tasted great, except it was spoiled by the cheap taste of the chocolate sauce. Had the sauce been a real chocolate sauce, this dessert would have been fantastic.

Overall there were hits and misses and I was not impressed by Brasserie Wolf. They did get certain things right, but they just couldn't pull the meal together to the level of quality which you can find at many other similar restaurants in the same price range in Singapore.

Brasserie Wolf

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